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Our Story

Northern Missionary Baptist Church (NMBC) started from a neighborhood Sunday School in 1909. Sister Sarah Marlow, a member of Pleasant Green Baptist Church, began a Sunday School in her home for children of Ewing Avenue who were not in attendance at any church. She used old Sunday School literature supplied by her Pastor, Reverend John Kirk Parker. Also, Rev. Parker gave her books, pictures, cards, and small testaments for the children. The Sunday School became so interesting that the adults started coming.  When the crowd grew too large for her home, she asked permission to use an old store on Bernard Street. After Sunday School she would have prayer meeting. The people seemed so happy about the prayer service, she told Rev. Parker. He replied, “Sarah, a church in that community is necessary. You have my support”.

In November 1910, Northern Missionary Baptist Church was officially organized by Rev. A. Boggs, a Missionary of the Antioch District Association and given the name “Northern Baptist”.  Rev. Sam Terry was the first pastor. After six months on Bernard Street the church moved to 600 South Ewing at Scott Avenue to a store front. The members would bring lamps filled with oil so that they would have light.  Rev. Terry left in 1911.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Church fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Share the love of God in Christ with every person, by makeing disiciples, maturing believers and multipying ministries.

Our Values

“To watch over one another in brotherly love.” Hebrews 13:1